A Nautical Odyssey

A Nautical Odyssey
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David C Bell

300 x 260 mm, hardback

169 pages

Colour illustrations throughout


Sub Heading:
An Illustrated Maritime History from Cook to Shackleton

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Britain has, throughout time, seen great artists who have sought to depict ships and the sea of our island nation which is continuously evolving maritime history. Inevitably, in order to capture any maritime scene accurately, research is necessary. David Bell has painted maritime subjects for over forty years and in pursuit of this has done a tremendous amount of research; from smacks to schooners, from whalers to warships, his investigations have taken him on a fantastic pictorial journey through the history of the sea.

Charting a journey through time from Elizabethan galleon to the last days of the trawling industry picking out the ships whose line and design captivates him and the mariners for whom he has the utmost admiration.

Linking together factual text and chapters ranging from James Cook and William Bligh to George Vancouver, Captain Matthew Flinders and Horatio Nelson, this book is charged with paintings of artistic vision.


David C Bell, born in Lincolnshire in 1950, attended Trinity House Navigation School and joined the Merchant Navy as a navigator. Nine years later he changed careers and gained a BA Honours Degree at Hull College of Art.
He paints many subjects but is primarily known as marine artist, most notably for the Sir Walter Raleigh painting for H.R.H. Prince of Wales and Humber Heritage, now in the collection of H.M. The Queen. His work has been exhibited throughout Britain and is in collections all over the world.

"It is rare to find a man who can both paint beautifully and write well. David Bell does both. His watercolours and sketches are wonderful and his text is beautifully written and authoritative. This is a book that will delight anyone who loves tall ships. You will find perfect images of the technical details of ships within its pages; close your eyes after reading it and you will smell the sea salt, feel the wind on your face and hear the gulls' cries over the creak of the rigging". Classic Arms and Militaria
"This book tracks through the author's artwork some of the key moments in Britain's maritime history from 1768 to 1916, starting with James Cook and his ship the Endeavour and then moves through 150 years to Shackleton and the Endurance. One of the author's unforgettable images is HMS Victory and the Battle of the Nile". Ships Monthly

"His [David C Bell] text flows, his artistry is supreme, particularly when it comes to depicting the Battle of the Nile and painting the Discovery, the Bounty and Cutty Sark". This England

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